Super Jewel / Lace Front

Super Jewel / Lace Front

Super JewelOur Rolls-Royce of Hair Systems!

1 System – $599
2 Systems – $949

The Super Jewel/Lace Front is our MOST NATURAL Hair System EVER! It is made of a fine Micro-Monofilament base, with a very thin 1″ wide Polyurethane perimeter, along with a fine, NEW durable Lace Front. Using invisible knots, this system creates the MOST NATURAL look possible!

This system is the #1 around the world!

Fully breathable!

The Super Jewel/Lace Front is our MOST NATURAL Hair System EVER!

The Super Jewel has a scalloped, extremely thin, durable and replaceable front

(Made in Germany).
Because of the invisible knots, your own scalp will show through the hair, and no one will be able to see that you are wearing a Hair System! The Super Jewel is ideal for backwards hair styles, or for men who are very concerned with their front hairline! With this system, it is, for the very first time, possible to go down to 60% less density! This system is fully single-hair knotted.

In Stock: Human Hair
Stock Sizes: M (9″ x 7″)
Stock Density: Thin/Medium

Custom Made: Human or Synthetic Hair
Any Specifications
(Add $75/piece)

This system is reparable!

Add $40.00 for a cut and sale per system!