Prodigy Hair System

The New Generation Of Hair Systems.
No More Adhesive Tapes Or Glue!

HPH Corporation, Cape Coral, FL presenting a totally new SUPER-THIN (0.2mm) SKIN BASE that sticks onto your scalp without any tapes or glues. To Apply: Clean the scalp with rubbing alcohol, or after showering use rubbing alcohol to insure scalp is clean and dry of any oils. Apply our HPH Scalp Protector, item #404 over the entire bald area, wait 2 -3 minutes until it is dry. Apply the “Prodigy” Hair System by starting at the front hairline and roll it over the scalp while slightly stretching the thin skin base material to the back and to both sides. Press the system down against the scalp with your flat hands on top of the system to get a firm grip of the base against the scalp.

NO more tapes!! NO more bonding glues!! The system adheres onto the scalp!!

To Remove: Easy to remove without liquid solvent. Carefully peel the base off of the scalp from back to front.

To Clean: No more cleaning a messy base that has tape residue built up. It’s easy to clean the base and hair with lukewarm water and mild soap. We recommend at least once a week, or more often if you have oily skin.

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